Just Like That

Just like that

We were airborne.

Climbing thousands

Of feet in elevation. 

A rough take off, 

Just like our talking. 

Stephen Hawking said

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

It takes a man sitting immobile

For years on his wheelchair

To tell us not to bitch and moan

About every perceived slight. 

Talking and listening leads us

Out of this self-made hell.

Don’t pick a side. 

Don’t pick a fight. 

Pick a time to heal. 

An April Challenge

I received an email from Local Gems Small Press, a small publisher in New York. They are sponsoring a poetry writing contest for the month of April, to celebrate National Poetry Month. Time is running out for signing up for the contest, but the winner will have their chapbook published. A registration fee is charged for entering the contest.

The challenge? Thirty poems written in thirty days. For me, that would be a fearsome challenge. I don’t know if I could follow through with such a challenge, but it’s been haunting me. There are few rules: 1. Choose a theme for your 30-day Chapbook. 2. Write a poem a day for 30 days. 3. After two weeks, send in a copy of your work to be pre-evaluated.

I feel like taking up the challenge without entering the official contest. Why not? It can jump start my poetry writing for this new year. I need a new consistency for my writing. As for your own writing, challenge yourself in the coming month of April to write your own themed Chapbook– or follow the link to the official contest.


April is Poetry Month

I discovered an article that talked about Dublin’s first Poetry Walk, featuring poetry from around the world for the month of April. They are requesting submissions of poems that will be published. A select collection of the poems will be featured on ViewlessWings.com and also on a podcast. Chosen poems will be displayed in store fronts along the walk throughout Dublin.

Here’s a chance to submit your poetry for the Dublin event: https://onedublin.org/2022/02/19/open-call-for-poetry-city-of-dublin-poetry-walk-for-national-poetry-month-april-2022/

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