Sample Poems

Last night, I took my Grandson to his school, where he and other students were presenting their projects to families and friends. I am a retired teacher who had taught at that school when it was Clair E. Gale Junior High School. The school has been renovated and re-purposed into a third high school in the school district. It is now known as Compass Academy.

I walked the halls and listened to some of the students’ project presentations. It was fun to hear the students’ excitement about their projects. As I was walking the halls, I started to encounter fellow teachers that I had taught with at that school building nearly twenty years ago.

It was exciting to renew our friendships after all those years. We shared stories and laughed like it was yesterday. I then told them about what I was currently working on– telling them about my travels and my recently published collection of poetry. I began writing some of my poems while I was still teaching with them at Gale.

One of my friends asked what my poems were about. What kind of poems are they? Good question. I responded that they were narrative poems– that I like to tell stories about snapshot moments in time.

A better answer would have been that I had a blog site where I have posted sample poems from my book. I didn’t think of it last night, but it would be my answer now.

I will continue posting poems from my collection. It’s like tasting a chef’s latest creations. Savor the moments and see what you think. And once more, thanks for dropping by.

Author: William Peters

William Peters is a narrative poet who finds the occasional humor in growing old, past events, familiar objects, and even relationships. His poetry reads like a snapshot in time.

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