Not So Neat and Clean

For Poetry Appreciation Month of April, I’m taking on a writing challenge to write a new poem every day for a themed Chapbook. For me it’s like rock climbing without pitons or a rope. I have no partner to shout, “On belay”, giving me confidence to step out onto a rock face. And so, I take the leap with my first poem. I will publish two poems here for each week of April–Tuesdays and Fridays.

Not So Neat and Clean


Just when I think that

I have everything under

Control, I’m brought back

To facing my own smugness.


What I don’t know would fill

Titanic with even more sorrow.


End of life


Are final.


The end begins

Somewhere near us

Like some random

Snail deciding to

Cross a busy highway.


Willow tree bark drops

From a barren branch.


A leaf decides to go.


With a two-day life span, the

May fly can’t waste a minute.


And so, it happens.



Seeing my dog

Slowly dying

On wobbling legs

I drove to the vet

And made a date

For her to die.


Hearing the garage door

Opening, she burst through

The side door from the house

Into the garage with wagging

Tail to welcome me home.


I still remember

Five years later


Her moment of joy–

My moment of sitting

On the Titanic deck chair,

Two miles below the surface.



















Author: William Peters

William Peters is a narrative poet who finds the occasional humor in growing old, past events, familiar objects, and even relationships. His poetry reads like a snapshot in time.

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